10 Best Inexpensive Pedal Brands for Electric Guitar

10 Best Inexpensive Pedal Brands for Electric Guitar

Finding affordable yet high-quality pedals can be daunting for guitarists on a budget. Thankfully, several pedal brands offer excellent sound-shaping tools without breaking the bank. In this post, we’ll explore the ten best inexpensive pedal brands for electric guitars.

Each brand mentioned here has a reputation for producing top-notch pedals at affordable prices, ensuring you can enhance your guitar tone without emptying your wallet. I have reviewed and tested multiple pedals from these brands on my YouTube channel.

1. Donner:

Donner has gained a loyal following for their budget-friendly pedals without compromising quality. One standout pedal from their lineup is the Donner Yellow Fall Analog Delay. This compact pedal provides warm, vintage-style delay tones reminiscent of classic tape echoes, making it perfect for creating lush ambient soundscapes or adding subtle repeats to your playing. Donner is the king of inexpensive pedal brands.  Their pedals are solid, reliable, and affordable.

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2. Joyo:

Joyo is renowned for offering great value for money, and the Joyo Vintage Overdrive is a prime example. This pedal emulates the iconic Tube Screamer, delivering smooth, creamy overdrive tones that work well for blues, rock, or even pushing your amp into a sweet saturation spot.

With its sturdy construction and affordable price tag, the Joyo Vintage Overdrive is a must-have for any guitarist on a budget. Joyo has so many great options available, including the Baatsin showcased below.

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3. Caline:

Caline has made a name for itself by producing affordable pedals that rival the sound and build quality of more expensive options. The Caline CP-22 Purple Smoke Overdrive is a versatile and transparent overdrive pedal. It provides a wide range of overdrive tones, from subtle breakup to medium gain, making it suitable for various musical genres.  Caline has the best $50 pedals on the market.  They sound as good as they look!

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4. Biyang:

Biyang is another brand that offers excellent pedals at budget-friendly prices. Their Baby Boom series features compact pedals with exceptional tonal capabilities. The Biyang Baby Boom Tri Reverb is a standout option, providing lush and spacious reverbs that can take your guitar tone to new dimensions. With its intuitive controls and solid construction, the Biyang Tri Reverb is a great addition to any pedalboard. Biyang pedals are hard to get these days, but I’ve posted a link under the video below so you can get the best price.

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5. Mooer:

Mooer has gained popularity for its mini-sized pedals that deliver outstanding sound in a compact form factor. One standout pedal from their lineup is the Mooer Yellow Comp Optical Compressor. This pedal offers studio-quality compression with a smooth and transparent response.

Whether you want to even out your playing dynamics or add sustain to your leads, the Mooer Yellow Comp is a fantastic choice for the price. I’ve tested so many Mooer pedals over the years, and the Groove loop pedal showcased below is one of the best.

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6. TC Electronic:

TC Electronic is known for its high-quality effects pedals, but they offer affordable options for those on a budget. The TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster is a compact pedal that provides up to 20dB of clean boost. It’s a versatile tool that can push your amp into overdrive, enhance solos, or provide a clean volume boost for any part of your performance. My favorite TC electronic overdrive is the el Mocambo! It’s a beast.

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7. Electro-Harmonix:

Electro-Harmonix is a legendary pedal brand that offers affordable options while maintaining outstanding quality. The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive is a standout pedal that emulates the classic Klon Centaur, known for its transparent and harmonically rich overdrive. The Soul Food Overdrive delivers exceptional tones and responses at a fraction of the cost of its boutique counterparts.  Some EHX pedals are quite expensive, but they have a good mix of affordable pedals.

8. MXR:

MXR is a well-respected brand known for its robust and reliable pedals. The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay is a prime example of its affordable yet high-quality offerings. This pedal provides warm and organic analog delay tones with up to 600ms of delay time. With its modulation and regen controls, the Carbon Copy Analog Delay can create everything from a subtle ambiance to lush, swirling repeats.  MXR represents the higher-end of the affordable market, but their pedals are exceptional quality.

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9. Boss:

Boss is a household name in the world of guitar pedals, and they also have some affordable options in their lineup. The Boss DS-1 Distortion is a classic pedal that countless guitarists have used. It delivers various distortion tones, from mild crunch to full-on saturated distortion. The DS-1 is reliable and affordable for players looking to add some grit to their sound.  BOSS pedals are the most sold pedals in the world for a reason! Check out the BOSS Blues Drive Pedal below.

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10. Ibanez:

Ibanez is renowned for its guitars but offers some excellent pedals at affordable prices. The Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini is a compact version of their iconic Tube Screamer Overdrive. It provides the same warm and creamy tones as its larger sibling, making it a great choice for any guitarist seeking that classic bluesy overdrive sound.  Ibanez makes a great range of pedals, including this old-school SMASH BOX showcased below.

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Enhancing your guitar tone doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These ten pedal brands offer excellent options for guitarists on a budget, providing top-notch sound quality and versatility without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for overdrive, delay, reverb, compression, or any other effect, these brands have you covered. So go ahead, explore their offerings, and unleash your sound without emptying your wallet.