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Are Caline Effects Pedals Worth It?

How Good are Caline Pedals REALLY?

Caline effects are a budget pedal company out of Shenzen, China.  These pedals have positioned themselves along-side companies like Joyo and Tone City.  These are great for beginners and gigging musicians.  I am a gigging musician and have used their pedals live without issues.

Inexpensive Does Not Mean Poor Quality

Sure, there’s a lot of cheap crap still out there but there’s also a lot of great pedals. Caline makes an effort to continually improve too.  I have been testing and reviewing their products for years now. Each new range of pedals is generally better than the last.

When I First Tried Caline Effects

Not every pedal in the range is a winner but the overall push to improve is rare and appreciated. The first pedal range I had my hands on was in 2014 and these pedals are still available today.  Instead of discontinuing an entire line when a new one comes out, Caline adds to it.

My favorite Pedals from the Original Range of Caline Effects

Caline Pure Sky

The Pure Sky is based on the Timmy Pedal.  It is very similar tone-wise but it is not a straight-up clone.  Some of the differences are the tone control operates the “regular” way. This is a very transparent overdrive making it great for rhythm guitar tones.

Caline Orange Burst

The Caline Orange Burst is one of the best inexpensive overdrives of all time.  Based on the tones of the Xotic pedals, it’s great for rhythm or lead tones.  The Orange burst has more gain than the Pure Sky.

Caline Blue Ocean Delay

An absolutely nice sounding digital delay pedal.  It will sound great going into the FX loop of your amplifier or even straight into the front-end. This is a very simple delay pedal without tap-tempo.  You just set it up, then forget about it.

Caline 10 Band EQ

Arguably the best value for money EQ pedal on the market.  Sure, there are some that are cheaper but not with the Caline build quality. I had a chance to test this out a number of times and it was a very popular pedal for guitarists on a budget.  There aren’t many 10 band EQ pedals in this price range.

Are Caline Pedals Worth it?

Compared with other effects pedals around the same price, absolutely! I actually believe that Caline makes more robust pedals than Electro-Harmonix.

My Current Range Favorites

Caline Pegasus

The Pegasus is based on the Klon Centaur overdrive pedal. This is built well and I would take it over many other more expensive Klon clones. I wrote about this in detail on a post about Klon Clones.

Caline Ghost Rain

If you are a fan of Analog delay pedals you’re going to love the Ghost Rain.  Not only are the tones awesome, but I also love the graphics on the pedal.  Pair this up with the Pegasus and you’ve got a very formidable tone.

Caline Midlander

The Caline Midlander is a Tubescreamer clone.  It sounds just as good as the Joyo Vintage Overdrive or even the Ibanez Tubescreamer.  The Caline Midlander is not covering any new ground, but it sounds great.  Everyone needs a good mid-bump overdrive in their arsenal.

Which Caline Pedals to Avoid

It’s not all rainbows and Unicorns.  Caline did make a few pedals I suggest you avoid.  To make it easy to work out which one’s kind of suck here is my guide.  If there’s a dial on the front that gives you 7 different types of sounds, avoid it.

What about the Caline Multi-effects Pedals

Caline C-300 Multi-effects Pedal

Caline makes a fairly wide range of multi-effects pedals as well.  My favorite without question is the Caline C-300 6 in 1 multi-effects unit.  The Caline C-300 has just about everything any guitarist would need on a pedalboard including:

  • Tuner
  • Overdrive
  • Boost
  • Distortion
  • Delay
  • Reverb

Caline Scuru S6 3 in 1

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The Scuru 6, aka: “Back to the Wild” pedal is pretty good for a 3 in 1.  It’s not quite the powerhouse of a pedal that the C-300 is, but it will be perfect for those who don’t need all the effects in the larger pedal.

This pedal features Distortion, Chorus, and Delay.  For those who prefer an all in one with overdrive, this is not the pedal you want.  If you love higher gain tones mixed with delay and chorus it’s a great choice.

Caline Pedal Accessories

The Caline CP-04 Power Supply

Some of my favorite pedal accessories that I use on a daily basis are their pedal power supplies.  Currently, I have two of them.  The Caline CP-04 is my favorite small-form power supply.  I have had zero issues with any noise or hum with this power supply which is why I use it.  Having various power outputs is also really handy.

One downside to the CP-04 is the fact it requires its own power supply to power the unit.  The CP-08 below only requires a kettle lead.  The cable length of the power supply is short too so odds are you’ll need an extension cable.

The Caline CP-04 features

  • Switch for LED lights: Bright blue LED for pedal board lighting&short circuit indicating, if you turn it on, all lights would go on after the power is connected
  • Short-circuit protection for stable and safe power supply and short circuit in one channel won’t affect other channels’ function
  • 10 isolated outputs: 4 x 9V 100mA,3 x 9V 300mA,1 x 9V 500mA,1 x 12V 300mA,1 *x 18V 100mA
  • This power supply is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, inbuilt USB charging for iPhone iPad, mobile phone, etc.
  • Package including a Caline CP-04 power supply, an adapter,10 cables,2 connecting cable, and English user manual

The Caline CP-08 Power Supply

Caline CP-08 Power Supply
Caline CP-08 Power Supply

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I’ve been using this for 100% of my YouTube pedal videos since it arrived.  I love the dedicated isolated outputs and various voltages . The power supply is built like an absolute tank and is connected to the wall with a replaceable kettle power cable.  Not having to worry about connecting an external power supply is a huge benefit of the Caline CP-08

the Caline CP-08 features

  • Isolated protection: Separate short-circuit protection and noise reduction. Short circuit in one channel won’t affect other channels’ function
  • 10 outputs: AC 110V – 230V input, DC 9v/ 12v/ 18v 100mA/300mA outputs. Power on multiple devices at the same time
  • Power Supply Dimensions: 9.6(L)x 2.7(W) x 1.8(H) inch, Power Supply Weight: 1.5kgs
  • LED lights for lighting and indicating, when an instantaneous over-current occurs, it will flicker and act as a warning
  • Convenient and space-saving, with aluminum alloy shell, durable and stable


Caline CP-105 Pedalboard

Caline Pedalboard
Caline makes a number of pedalboards but there is honestly only one I recommend. Whether or not you are using all Caline effects or not, this is a good deal.  Some of the great things about this board is you get a free carry bag and the pedalboard itself is nice and light.
The Caline CP-105 is large enough to fit 8-10 regular sized Caline effects pedals on it.
Caline CP-105 Pedalboard features
  • Caline CB-105 portable aluminum alloy guitar effects pedal board with a non-woven fabric bag, lightweight and durable
  • Dimension: Pedal board: 22(L)*12(W)*2.6(H) inch, Pedal board Bag: 23.6(L)*14.2(W)* 5.3(H) inch
  • Convenient for guitarists when going out and guitar playing, safely and securely transports your pedals from gig to gig.
  • This pedal boards with the hollow design, this foot pedal board make arrangement of wires convenient and there is a universal mounting bracket to save space
  • The pedal boards can support about 10 effects at the same time and suits any volumes of power supply, which is convenience and space-saving

Which Pedalboard to Avoid

Caline also makes a few other pedalboards that you need to assemble.  The one I have tried had issues staying secure. I would highly suggest skipping CB-106 and going for this one instead