Caline G-008 Barn Owl Reverb Pedal Review

Caline G-008 Barn Owl Reverb Pedal Review

Welcome to my guitar effects review website; my name’s Shane. This review covers the musical and cavernous reverb pedal from Caline called the Barn Owl. The Caline G-008 Barn Owl can create deep and musical reverberation spaces allowing your notes to ring out into the ether. 

Caline Barn Owl Reverb Pedal Review
Caline Barn Owl Reverb Pedal Review

How to use the Caline Barn Owl Reverb

Ideally, a reverb pedal will perform best through an amplifiers effects loop or preamp in and out section. This allows the pedal to be free from coloration from any other effects going into the input. If you don’t have an effects loop, don’t stress. You can still get musical tones using the Barn Owl after all other effects in the signal chain and then into the amp’s input. 

Just know if you are using the reverb through the effects loop, you won’t be susceptible to volume and inherent mix changes that can happen when turning other effects on and off. The great news is that you can make this pedal work irrespective of your setup.

Space Saving design

Caline has designed their Barn Owl Reverb and the rest of the G-Series to be a space-saving pedal range without being too small. This pedal is larger than your standard mini-pedal but not as tall as a typical Maxon, Wampler, or Boss Pedal. I am a fan of this new mid-sized effect pedal, and it will no doubt appeal to players who don’t have much real estate left on their pedal board. 

Caline Barn Owl Reverb
Caline Barn Owl Reverb has quality jacks, pots, and switches. 

Caline Barn Owl Music Styles

This great-sounding reverb pedal can be used for most styles of music, from pop, rock, blues, ambiance, and shoe-gazing styles. I showcase a bunch of different use applications in my review video below. 

Barn Owl Reverb Review Video

Hear the potential of the Caline Barn Owl Reverb in this review video I shot on my intheblues channel. I shot this video using the effect loop on my amplifier. Hear how versatile it is with a range of styles and musical genres. 

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Barn Owl Reverb Controls

The Barn Owl is loaded with three simple controls. The Mix control determines how much of the reverb signal you’ll hear, and the Decay is how long the reverb will linger. Furthermore, the Tone control changes how bright or warm the reverb effect is. Warmer tones are with the tone control to the left, and brighter tones are to the right. 

Caline Barn Owl Reverb Controls
Caline Barn Owl Reverb Controls

Power Requirements

The Caline Barn Owl Reverb pedal can only run on 9vDC power. Therefore, power can only be provided from a 9v DC power supply. I highly recommend this one-spot power supply if you consider buying pedals (Sweetwater Link). This power supply will be able to power multiple effects pedals from this series or others safely and effectively. This is the same power supply I use personally. 

Power is supplied thanks to the 9v input on the top portion of the pedal, as you can see from the photo of the controls above. The Green Mamba pedal only draws 100mA of power, which makes it very efficient in the signal chain. This is 50mA more power draw than other effects like the Green Mamba or Killer Shark Boost, but this is not uncommon for time or space effects.

Is the Caline Barn Owl Reverb Pedal Noisy?

Another benefit to the Caline Barn Owl Reverb is that it does not pollute your signal chain with hiss, crackles, or noise. Of course, some effects can be problematic in the signal chain, but not this cavernous reverb pedal.  

What’s in the Box?

Each pedal from this series comes boxed with a strip of velcro included and an instruction manual/brochure. 

Is the Caline G-008 Barn Owl Reverb worth it?

When it comes to affordable pedals, Caline is hard to beat. While this reverb pedal is more expensive than some of their overdrives and boost pedals, the price is still very modest. There are a lot of reverb pedals that could potentially create noise issues in your signal chain – but the Barn Owl is not one of them. This experience is pleasant and noise-free through the amplifier’s effects loop or into the front end.

While the visual styling might not be for everyone, this pedal offers a massive bang for the buck without the larger footprint of many other brands.   This is one of my favorite pedals from the Caline G series offering great tones in a wide range of use cases. If you want a great companion overdrive pedal, check out my Caline Green Mamba review.

Caline Barn Owl Pedal Best Prices

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