Caline G-013 Killer Shark Boost Pedal Review (It’s Not a Klone!)

Caline G-013 Killer Shark Boost Pedal Review (It’s Not a Klone!)

Welcome to my website; my name’s Shane. We are reviewing the Caline G-013 Shark Boost overdrive and boost pedal in today’s review. At first glance, you might think this overdrive circuit is a Klon Clone, but it’s not. Caline has done great with this new range of effects pedals, offering a great price-to-performance ratio. 

Caline Shark Boost Review
Caline Shark Boost Pedal. Featured three main controls. Gain, Master, and Tone. 

How to use the Caline Killer Shark Boost Pedal

The Killer Shark boost by Caline can be used as a standalone overdrive or in conjunction with another overdrive or distortion pedal in the signal chain. 

Compact Design

Caline has designed the G-Series to be a space-saving pedal range without being too small.  This pedal is larger than your standard mini-pedal but not as tall as a typical Maxon, Wampler, or Boss Pedal.  I am a fan of this new mid-sized effect pedal and it will no doubt appeal to players who don’t have much real estate left on their pedal board. 

Killer Shark Boost Review Video

Hear the potential of the Caline Killer Shark Boost/Overdrive pedal through my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Amplifier below. 

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What does the Killer Shark Boost Do?

The “Boost” in “Killer Shark Boost” does what you expect. It will drastically boost the front end of your amplifier or another effects pedal in the chain. Better yet, it offers an off-clean transparent overdrive tone that will get you more overdrive without the excessive coloration you might find with other effects. 

Also, suppose you already use an amplifier or higher gain sound on the overdrive. In that case, this pedal can get you more volume and sustain by cranking up the volume and gain control. 

Shark Boost & Green Mamba Pedal Combination
In this example, I am using the Killer Shark Boost into the Caline Green Mamba Overdrive.

Killer Shark Boost Controls

The Shark Boost is loaded with three simple controls. The gain control in the center controls how much drive the pedal produces. The Master control is the output volume control, and the tone control shapes the pedal’s brightness or warmth. With the Tone, volume, or gain control to the right, you will get more of each in contrast to having them set to the left (or lower). 

Killer Shark Boost Controls
Killer Shark Boost Controls

Power Requirements

The Caline Killer Shark Boost pedal can only run on 9vDC power. Therefore, power can only be provided from a 9v DC power supply. I highly recommend this one-spot power supply if you consider buying pedals (Sweetwater Link). This power supply will be able to power multiple effects pedals from this series or others safely and effectively. This is the same power supply I use personally. 

Power is supplied thanks to the 9v input on the top portion of the pedal, as you can see from the photo of the controls above. The Caline Killer Shark Boost pedal only draws 50mA of power, which makes it very efficient in the signal chain.

Build Quality

Usually, when a pedal is inexpensive, it has build-quality compromises. This quality drop was the case back in the day with some brands. I’ve said for years that Caline makes great stuff, and this series of effects, including the Shark Boost, are built like tanks.  

The enclosure is metal, we get proper metal shaft potentiometers, and the pots feel great to move. The jacks on the side are excellent quality, and the footswitch is the real deal.  

My only critique about the build quality is the laminated decal on the front. While the decal looks fine, it’s not the highest resolution. I would love to see this improved in the future. However, regarding physical build quality, I have no complaints regarding this effect. 

What’s in the Box?

Each pedal from this series comes boxed with a strip of velcro included and an instruction manual/brochure. 

Is the Caline G-013 Killer Shark Boost worth it?

When it comes to affordable pedals, Caline is hard to beat. Not only is the Shark Boost robust and built extremely well, but it is also functional and flexible, depending on where you have it in your signal chain.

While the visual styling might not be for everyone, this pedal offers a massive bang for the buck without the larger footprint of many other brands.   This is one of my favorite pedals from the Caline G series offering great tones in a wide range of use cases.  if you want a great companion overdrive pedal, check out my Caline Green Mamba review. 

Caline Shark Boost Pedal Best Prices

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