NUX MG-30 Multi-Effects Pedal Processor Review

NUX MG-30 Effects Pedal Review

NUX MG-30 Multi-Effects Pedal Processor Review This is my full review of the NUX MG-30 multi-effects processor pedal. The NUX MG-30 is a great studio and recording tool offering great tones and presets made by professional musicians worldwide. Unlike most multi-effects pedals, NUX worked with artists to develop extremely musical presets, or you can start … Read more

How Good is the Mod Duo Mod Devices Pedal?


Mod Devices Mod Duo Multi-Effects Pedal Review The Mod Devices is a brand new approach to the multi-effects unit.  Saying “multi-effects” doesn’t really do this unit justice for several reasons.  The effects of this device cover more than just guitars.  The Mod Duo can be used for Bass, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, and also with Synth … Read more