Chellee Ponyboy Overdrive Pedal Review

Chellee Ponyboy V3

Chellee Ponyboy Overdrive Pedal Review

The Chelee Ponyboy is another great addition to the handmade pedals from Peter at Chellee Guitars.  All Chellee pedals are handmade in Orange City, Florida in the USA and are built to last.  As you may have guessed the Ponyboy is built to resemble the tones found in the Klon but it is different.  The voicing switch makes the tone a little more vintage rolling out some of the upper higher harmonics so it’s a very pleasing pedal to use and play.

Ideally, these pedals sound good pushing a valve/tube amplifier over the edge of breakup and also sound great on an already dirty tone.  The fact that the Chellee Ponyboy can work this way lends itself to being easily stacked with other pedals too.

The Chellee Ponyboy runs on 9v only unlike their other Odie Classic Overdrive pedals which run on both 9v and 18v.

Pedal Upgrades

Peter has made several upgrades to the Chellee Ponyboy since this article first went live.  The Ponyboy is now up to version 3 (V3).  This V3 edition now has a two-band EQ allowing you to get way more tones than the original Ponyboy and the Klon Centaur.

Another welcomed addition is the switch in the middle.  It allows you to tailor the top-end frequencies to suit your needs.  Modern mode sounds a bit brighter whereas vintage mode sounds more mellow.


The build quality of all Chellee pedals are top notch and are stress tested to the extreme to ensure quality workmanship.  Tonally, the pedal is great and it looks really cool as well.  What I love about this is the fact it’s not just another Klon.

Peter has done something unique and interesting with it by modifying the top end.  If I didn’t already have a Klon KTR and I was looking for a Klon style pedal then this would be a great option.  I think this is my favorite of the Chellee effects so far and it’s well worth the $120 US that it’s being sold for.  Check them out online.