Clone Central Clone Centaur Overdrive Pedal Review

Clone Central Clone Centaur Overdrive Pedal Review

The Clone Central Clone Centaur pedal takes it very obvious inspiration visually from the gold Klon Centaur of old.  Internally the Clone Centaur is built very close to the Klon KTR in terms of the PCB design so it’s a very nice pedal, especially for the price.  What separates this from a lot of clones is the fact this pedal uses quality jacks, posts, and parts.  Some pedal clones suffer from poor quality PCB’s or input jacks for example and this is not the case with the Clone Central Clone Centaur.Clone Central Clone Centaur

Tone wise, this pedal sounds exactly like the Klon KTR with the KTR’s buffer set to off.  I think the only difference between the two pedals is the Clone Central is true bypass and not buffered bypass.

This pedal features the same three controls you’d expect to find on any overdrive pedal:

  • Drive – Controls the amount of gain
  • Tone – Adds or removes the top end frequencies
  • Volume – Controls the output volume of the pedal

The video below shows the tones of the Clone Centaur in action as well as comparing it to the Klon KTR.

If you’re into Klon type tones you’re going to really enjoy it but that said, Klon tones aren’t for everyone.  If you’re a gigging musician it’s a must have but if you’re a home player then it might not be a great choice.  The reasons behind the previous statement is because this pedal sticks out in the mix so you can be heard.  There’s something awesome about the frequency it boosts in a band situation that 90% of overdrive pedals don’t have.  That said of course, on its own that frequency can be less pleasant sounding to a Maxon OD808 smooth tones for example.

Another great benefit of the Clone Centaur is it will push another pedal very, very well.  If you’ve already got another “leave on” overdrive or similar then you can use the Centaur before it as a boost.

Overall this is a great quality pedal at a good price.  The build quality, tone, and design make it stand out from a sea of cheap clones.  Check it out if you can’t afford a Klon KTR.  If you would prefer the original then I totally get it too. 🙂

Since writing this article the pedal is no longer available.  The closest one I can find is this one on Amazon.