Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo Pedal Review

Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo Pedal Review

The Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo pedal is an absolute pleasure to hear when you first click it in.  One of the key problems with other tremolo pedals is the fact your volume appears to drop once you engage it.  This is one issue that thankfully that the Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo doesn’t suffer from.  What do I mean by other pedals decreasing your volume?  For example with tremolo if you think about the wave like a sideways “S” the top part of the wave would be at the peak of your volume and everything else would fall under that volume.  This effect gives the impression your volume is dropping because technically, it is.  Darren from Dazatronyx has addressed this key issue with his Optical Tremolo featuring a Boost pot which you can set the volume to wherever you like which gives the flexibility to make the effect louder, the same, or quieter than your starting volume.  Because of this the Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo feels a heck of a lot nicer to use than 90% of other pedals on the market and feels better than a lot of amplifier tremolo effects.

Hows the Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo Built?

Not only does it looks beautiful like all of the Dazatronyx designs, but it also sounds as good as it looks.  The Dazatronyx Optical tremolo is handmade in Melbourne Australia and internally it’s a nice as the exterior.  Darren, designs, builds and creates pedals that are World class in terms of quality.  If you haven’t tried one of his pedals you should check out his website.  More people need to know about Dazatronyx.

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Controls and Features:

The Rate control on the left controls the speed of the tremolo effect.  The Depth control takes care of how prominent the effect is in your mix, and the boost control as mentioned earlier is the volume control.  In the middle of the Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo features a two-way toggle switch.  This switch will give you access to two different tremolo types.  In the left position, the tremolo will mimic a mechanical spinning sound while the right position is more of a sharp chop tone.  These are two classic tremolo tones which feel great to play and have stood the test of time.  See below for the instructions as seen at the Dazatronyx Website.

Dazatronyx makes some of the best effects pedals in the world and their new Optical Tremolo is a real winner.  Out of all the years I have been testing pedals I put this at the top of the pile up there with the VFE Old School pedal which I absolutely love.  The benefit of the Dazatronyx is it’s a boutique pedal at a decent price.  $199 Australian dollars is what they sell for which is about $130 USD.  For this price, it’s the best of the best.  Find me another one that sounds as good at this, built as well as this, at this price. Well done Dazatronyx for putting in quality left right and center.