Fulltone OCD-Ge Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal Review

Fulltone OCD-Ge Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal Review

This is my full review of the Fulltone OCD-Ge dirt pedal.  This review will cover the standout benefits of the OCD-Ge and discuss the differences between this new version and the original. The original OCD is a classic and loved by many guitarists worldwide but the new OCD-Ge has some tricks up its sleeve.

Fulltone OCD Ge
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New Old Stock Parts

Guitarists generally have a lust for vintage gear.  This is the case with vintage instruments or “New Old Stock” when it comes to effects. This “new” version of the OCD actually has new old stock germanium diodes.  Fulltone were lucky enough to score a cache of these old and usually expensive parts and put them to good use – in their pedals!

This new version of the OCD is a limited edition variation to the regular OCD. These hard to find Germanium diodes give the sense of a more organic tube-like feel.  Many people are commenting that the new version of the OCD feels like it has more “tube sag” than the prior version.

Another advantage of the new OCD is the enhanced single-note clarity and extended sustain.  Metallic Teal is the new white.  This limited-edition pedal features an eye-catching design that you’ll either like or won’t. I think it looks really cool.


Check out a video review of the Fulltone OCD-Ge

How does the OCD-Ge compare with the original Fulltone OCD?

The new OCD-Ge is loud, really loud! This will give you noticeably more volume than the original.  Another thing you might like or dislike is how it feels to play.  The consensus is, the new one feels like it has more “sag”.  This means it has a bit of a softer feel which is more reminiscent of the valve and tube amplifiers.

Many players note how the single-coil pickups interact with the pedal as having an almost octave note trailing the original note.  This effect gives your tone a very 3D effect in the live mix or when in a studio situation. This isn’t to say it’s adding a lower octave but if you’ve ever played a great amplifier, sometimes you hear a follow note on the note. If you haven’t heard this before, it’s hard to explain.

The clipping tones are noticeably softer on the OCD-Ge compared with the original.  One thing to take note of though, if you run the gain too high it will sound almost like it’s entering into fuzz territory.


My Review of the Fulltone OCD

Build Quality

Fulltone pedals are built like tanks.  I’ve owned and tested many Fulltone pedals over the years and none of them have experienced any issues. I gigged for a number of years with their Plimsoul pedal and it never had any issues.  The Fulltone OCD-Ge is also built extremely well.


A Buffer is a Good Thing

One of the most overlooked things in a signal chain is usually a signal buffer.  What this buffer does is bring back your top end that is lost with complex or long cable chains. The OCD-Ge includes a buffered bypass signal which allows no signal loss and increased sustain.

Many guitarists opt for a “true bypass” signal chain but blind tests have proved that buffered bypass signals are usually preferred to the listener.


Enhanced Dynamic Range

Another major update with the new Fulltone OCD is the JFET input section.  The Fulltone OCD-GE has loaded with a Class A discrete 2N5457 JFET input signal. The prior version of the OCD was rated at 330K and this new one is rated at 1 meg ohm. This upgrade will make a noticeable difference to the dynamic range and how the guitar feels and interacts with the pedal and amplifier.


Fulltone OCC-Ge Information

  • Limited Edition guitar overdrive pedal
  • Vintage-style germanium diodes and hard-clipping MOSFETs
  • A huge palette of available sounds
  • Switchable hi- and lo-peak gain settings
  • Redesigned output buffer that resists loading caused by pedals further in your chain
  • Updated Class A-configured JFET input section with higher input impedance for better dynamic response
  • Switchable Enhanced Bypass or True Bypass switching modes, with no pops or clicks in either mode

Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type: Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4″ (instrument)
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4″
  • Power Source: 9-18V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CS-OCD-Ge

My Final Thoughts and Review of the Fulltone OCD-Ge Drive Pedal

There’s much to like about this new “old” version of the Fulltone OCD.  If you already have an OCD and it’s your main pedal it might be worth considering.  If you enjoy your original OCD and it’s not quite right, then I would give this new one a miss.  Lastly, if you don’t yet own an OCD and wondering if you should get this new one over the old one my answer is – Go for it!

The OCD is more like a main pedal for rhythm or straight-up lead guitar parts. It won’t work great as a clean boost in my experience.  If you want a transparent overdrive, check out my article for the best Klon Centaur pedals. The Klon will give a better clean boost than the OCD Ge. The OCD Ge, however, will sound way better as an always-on pedal.

For the best deal on the OCD Ge, check out Sweetwater. These won’t last long, given they are limited edition pedals only!