GAMMA Effects – Six New Guitar Effects Pedals

GAMMA Introduces Six New Guitar Effects Pedals

Featuring crafted blends of carefully selected components, expertly engineered circuits, a classic full-size chassis, rugged metal knobs, all-metal construction, and a pristine metal flake paint finish, the six GAMMA Guitar Effects Pedals provide guitarists with a new palette of sounds that can be used for stage, studio and song-crafting inspiration.

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Prices between $69-$89 at Guitar Center

Westlake Village, CA, April 6, 2023 – Following closely on the heels of the launch of the GAMMA G25 and G50 combo guitar amplifiers, Acoustic Control Corporation announces the launch of the GAMMA Guitar Effects Pedal line — six pedals featuring crafted blends of carefully selected components and expertly engineered circuitry for reverb, echo, chorus and dynamic distortions. The range includes the ATLAS Boosted Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal, BACCHUS Dynamic Driver Guitar Effects Pedal, CUMULUS 3-Way Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal, EROS Clean Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal, HADES Metal Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal, and NARCISSUS Warm Delay Guitar Effects Pedal. All models feature intuitive operation, a stunning metal flake paint finish, heavy-duty full-sized metal chassis with metal knobs, and operation from a 9-volt battery or 9-volt DC power supply. Each can be used as a sole pedal unit or as a pedal board component. Additionally, all pedals feature mono audio input and output, with buffered bypass for consistent tone in any setup.

The ATLAS Boosted Overdrive lets you add nuanced, tube amp-style overdrive to your guitar sound. Featuring classic Level, Tone, and Drive controls, plus a Boost switch that pushes low frequencies and adds more high-end bite to the drive sound, the Atlas Boosted Overdrive’s distortion preserves your dynamics and articulation. It is nicely responsive to the volume, tone, and pickup adjustments you make on your guitar.

The BACCHUS Dynamic Driver is a versatile overdrive with wide-ranging Level, Tone, and Drive controls, plus a Fat switch for those times when you want a little more low-frequency push. Go from smooth blues through dynamic crunch to full-bore distortion while reflecting all the nuances of your individual playing style, guitar choice, and pickup configuration.

The CUMULUS 3-Way Reverb allows you to add an inspiring ambience to your guitar sound, with a choice of three classic reverb flavors with Mix, Tone and Decay controls. In the Studio setting, it emulates a crafted recording studio space, with a well-controlled decay that avoids muddying up your sound. In the Spring setting, it emulates the splash and bounce of the spring reverb hardware of vintage guitar amps. The Plate setting emulates the sound of a classic studio plate reverb, for smooth, mellow ambience.

The EROS Clean Chorus allows you to add bold or gentle modulation to your guitar sound. At low Depth settings, Eros’ classic chorus effect adds subtle richness, perfect for thickening up a solo or adding character and bounce to a rhythm guitar tone. High Depth or Speed settings transform your guitar tone into a richly modulated wash of sound. Level, Depth and Speed controls are also provided for sound-sculpting precision.

The HADES Metal Distortion empowers you to add aggressive yet articulate distortion to your guitar sound arsenal, with a particularly wide range of MID cut/boost for great tonal versatility. It’s the ideal choice when it’s time to unleash the “dark arts” of high gain, whether you’re chugging and palm muting, shredding intricate solos, or delivering soaring melody lines. Level and Drive control and three-knob EQs allow you to carve your ideal sound — from death-and-doom to hyper-speed shred.

The NARCISSUS Warm Delay allows you to add inspiring echoes to your guitar sound with a tone quality reminiscent of classic “bucket brigade” delay units of the past. The delay chip at the heart of this pedal provides echoes that get darker with each repeat, helping to ensure that the ambiance Narcissus creates doesn’t obscure the new notes you are playing, as echoes of previous notes are fading away. And when it’s time to get spacey, cranking up the echoes knob to the max will take you into self-oscillation as your saturated echoes build into a dark and distortion-rich pulse of throbbing sound. Level, Echoes, and Time controls are provided for sculpting the perfect sound.

The GAMMA Guitar Effects Pedals are currently available, with pricing as follows:

  • ATLAS Boosted Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal: $69.99
  • BACCHUS Dynamic Driver Guitar Effects Pedal: $69.99
  • CUMULUS 3-Way Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal: $89.99
  • EROS Clean Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal: $69.99
  • HADES Metal Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal: $69.99
  • NARCISSUS Warm Delay Guitar Effects Pedal: $89.99

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