Greenchild K818 Dual Overdrive Pedal Review

Greenchild K818 Dual Overdrive Pedal Review

Greenchild K818 Dual Overdrive PedalThe brand new (as of July 2016) Greenchild K818 ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality, tone, and design.  Shane and Ric from the intheblues channel on YouTube put forward an idea to Mason at Greenchild to try his hand at a new dual pedal that featured highly sought after tones that were tried and tested for the working musician.  This great combination of overdrives not only sound great on their own but they also sound amazing stacked together.

The Vintage Overdrive Channel

On the left is the vintage overdrive channel with a point of difference you’re going to love.  What makes this left side of the pedal unique is the tone/voice control in the centre.  What this control does is adds more presence/tops with the control to the left and adds more body and warmth with the control to the right so you can basically get this to sound like your amp with a bit of dirt or use it to transform the clean tones of your amp.   The left side of the pedal was designed to be used as an off-clean tone for stacking the right side but in the end with the tweaks from Mason it became it’s own fantastic and usable vintage overdrive channel.  This particular channel is more open and less gainy than a Maxon OD-820 and also has less noise floor.

The Klon-ish Overdrive Channel

If there’s one pedal that stacks well into any vintage overdrive it’s the Klon.  This right side of the pedal features all the tones of the Klon KTR but improves upon it by reducing the overall noise floor of the pedal.  One of the inherent problems with stacking a Klon can be the overall noise floor is raised but through some nifty designs Mason has done some improvements with the circuit and it now stacks better than ever.

Specifications and Details

Retro style K818 with custom anodized aluminum enclosure and black Dymo lettering. Naturally transparent buffered input/output; two independent mechanically isolated channels in one pedal.

This pedal combines a K-style circuit (right side) with our own special blend version of the Tube Screamer (left side). One may stack the channels or operate them in isolation.

Gain staging with both channels engaged: Input -> K-Side -> TS Side -> Output

This pedal has a boosted internal power supply with 30 volts of headroom (+/-15V), and accepts 9-18VDC (center negative). The k818 has been designed with a very low noise floor and maximum dynamic range in mind.


For the gigging musician or recording musician this is what you need to cut the mix.  Two classic pedal designs in one with major improvements to the circuits results in an extremely usable pedal that is a blues players dream.   This pedal is around the same physical width as a Klon KTR for example, but it’s slightly taller footprint.  It will be a great space saving addition to anyone who is after a dual overdrive who likes classic tones from Maxon, Ibanez, and the Klon for example.  Being able to stack the channels or use them on their own is also awesome.  There’s no weird switching, no confusing options, and nothing to make life difficult.  This pedal does exactly what it was conceived to do which is work simply, easily, and effortlessly.