How Good is the Mod Duo Mod Devices Pedal?


Mod Devices Mod Duo Multi-Effects Pedal Review

The Mod Devices is a brand new approach to the multi-effects unit.  Saying “multi-effects” doesn’t really do this unit justice for several reasons.  The effects of this device cover more than just guitars.  It can be used for Bass, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, and also with Synth instruments.  The Mod Devices Mod Duo is a stereo and stereo out unit which can also be used in mono without any issues.  Not only does it have lots of great effects built in it can also be used as a loop station and a recording device.  For the home studio user, the device features amplifier emulation so tracking guitars with different parts and sounds has never been easier.mod-devices-mod-duo

Effects Quality

One thing for sure is the effects sound legit.  I did a blind test at home and I couldn’t tell the difference between an all analog Maxon OD808 and the same overdrive effect within the Mod Duo.  Not only do the effects sound great on their own but they also sound great stacked together which is generally the Achilles heel of digital effects.

Computer Interface

The computer interface couldn’t be easier.  Just hook the pedal to your computer via USB and all you have to do is load up any browser of your choice and enter a local IP address for the pedal and you’re in. (See the video below for more details of the user interface).

How the Mod Duo Works

As soon as you drag and drop in your favorite effects to the board you’re good to go.  They kept things simple by making this a dual (duo) pedal. You can have as many effects going at once as you like but you can only turn two on and off at a time via the buttons on the front of the Mod Duo.  This means you can essentially have any combination of effects you like with the ability to turn only a couple off.  This is perfect for people who don’t want a million buttons to click on (i.e Line 6).  The big difference between the Mod Duo and a lot of other “digital pedals” is the fact this actually sounds and feels great to play.  Once it is set up for you sound it’s literally set and forget.  This type of simplicity is often overlooked in a lot of digital effects units.

One more great thing to point out is that you can also tweak the pedal settings via the two round controls/buttons on the top of the unit.  If you want more drive or volume for example – a few clicks and you’re good to go.

The menu within the pedal took some time to get a handle on, it didn’t feel 100% intuitive compared with what I was expecting so for best results hook it up to your PC or MAC (or Linux) for the best results.

Do You Need Drivers?

You don’t need to download any drivers or software to make this work either.  The pedal is very much like a computer as you can store as many settings as you like and I believe it also has its own CPU to speed up the process of saving and modifying items in preview mode.

With all this in mind, you can also take the pedal online to download even more patches and software.  There are way more patches than I showed in this video available online so if this type of pedal is up your alley be sure to check it out.


The concept of this pedal is really quite great.  Having open source software allows it to be added to by a wider community in the future.  Functionality wise, this will never replace a row of actual effects on the floor.  Like many digital products, what it does – it does pretty well.