SviSound FuzzoZoid Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal Review

SviSound FuzzoZoid Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal Review

The FuzzoZoid pedal is a very original pedal from Mark at SviSound. When it comes to pedal in today’s pedal market, there are so many clones of clones, but not with SviSound.  Mark makes original sounding and original looking pedals and the FuzzoZoid should not be overlooked.

This particular pedal is labeled as a fuzz pedal but it’s actually a mix of fuzz and overdrive in one which makes the pedal more useful in my opinion.  This particular flavor of sound will appeal to anyone from blues, classic rock, and beyond.  I’ve personally used it at a show as a lead pedal on through my Fender Super Reverb and it simply sounds great.  It has great sustain, great tone, and is very LOUD!  The volume control won’t need to be turned up too much to give your amp a kick so I would suggest starting with the volume control at one-quarter volume when you first kick it on.

The SviSound FuzzoZoid has three main controls which include Volume, Tone, and Gain.  As I mentioned above this pedal is quite loud so get ready for a good old fashioned kick on your amp when you first turn it on.  The gain will go from smooth to more gnarly tones which will cover anything from traditional blues to heavier rock.  The tone control adjusts the treble of the pedal and this control really impacts the overall tone of the pedal.  There’s also a three-way toggle switch on the FuzzoZoid.  With the switch up it will be on “normal mode” which is my personal favorite.  On this setting, you’re getting a full and round sound with the clarity you’d expect from your guitar and amp combination.  When the toggle switch is in the middle you’ll be on Treble mode with cuts out all the low end.  The Bass mode rolls out a lot of tops so you’re left with a fat and chuggy tone.  I play blues on the most part and the normal selection is my personal favorite.  If you’re into layering and texturing sounds on albums or in a band situation, the other two options will also be very useful.

The SviSound build quality is top notch and Mark puts a lot of love and attention to detail in not only the design but also the tones of his pedals.  This pedal falls right in the middle of Fuzz and Overdrive and may prove to be a more useful pedal for those not into a full-blown fuzz tone.  While it is part overdrive in nature it sounds very different to the OverZoid and OverZoid 2 Pedals from SviSound.  Check them all out before buying and see which one you like the best.