SviSound HV High Voltage Booster Pedal Review

SviSound HV High Voltage Booster Pedal Review

The SviSound 24 Volt Booster is a great little pedal from Mark at SviSound.  Not only is the design amazing but what this pedal does, it does fantastic.   Let’s talk about the wizardry inside this pedal.  You power the HV Boost with a regular 9-volt power supply like any other pedal out there but thanks to some internal voltage up-scaling it boosts the output to 24v.  This little internal wizardry makes this little pedal LOUD!


I love simple pedals. Nothing about this pedal is complicated to get great results so it gets a 10/10 for simplicity.  There’s one pot on the top which controls the gain/volume of the pedal.  There’s also a two-way toggle switch that is labeled “n” and “t”.  The “n” is a lower end boost while the “t” is a top end boost.  For me, this pedal lives on the “n” setting but if you’re looking for a treble booster you’re also in luck.

Check out the video below for a demo of the SviSound HV Boost Pedal.

How to use the High Voltage Booster Pedal

Another benefit of the SviSound High Voltage Booster is you can use it before or after other pedals.  Let’s say you have your overdrive pedal on.  If you run the HV boost before that pedal you’ll get more gain without getting a lot more volume.  By also having the pedal set to “t” you’ll be adding some additional clarity to your tone.  If you run the HV Boost after your overdrive you’re going to get one heck of a volume boost while retaining your original tone.


This is a great little boutique pedal from Mark at SviSound.  It’s no secret I am a huge fan of his products and this mini-pedal is no exception.  One thing I would have liked added to it is a middle position which would be totally neutral in terms of tone but the “n” setting is your tone and a little more which is great.  I can highly recommend his pedals for those interested in unique and innovative pedals.  Not only are the SviSound pedals unique looking they also sound unique.  8/10 for Mark at SviSound on this little beauty.  Read more SviSound Reviews here.