SviSound OverZoid Oz02 Overdrive Pedal Review

SviSound OverZoid Oz02 Overdrive Pedal Review

The SviSound OverZoid Oz02 Overdrive pedal is the new addition to Mark’s great designs over at SviSound in Bulgaria.  Mark is responsible for making one of the best overdrives on the planet called the OverZoid Oz01.  The new Oz02 adds a few new bits and pieces which makes it a great choice on its own or as a point of difference from the heralded Oz01.  All of the SviSound pedals are beautiful to look at featuring a unique steampunked look which is part industrial and part gothic.  The standout piece on this pedal is the lovely jewel light positioned in the middle which lights up a really nice blue color thanks to the dual LED inside the pedal.

Simple Controls & Gain Stage

What I love about the OverZoid is how simple it is, and how great it sounds.  Some pedals get carried away with too many controls and the OverZoid keeps it simple by having a Gain, Tone, and Volume control only.  With the Gain all the way down, the pedal is pretty much dead clean and as soon as you start to wind up the gain it feels like how you wished your amp would sound if you had the drive channel you always wanted.  This is not a high gain overdrive but it would be considered moderate gain in my opinion.  It does have more gain than the original OverZoid but the pedals are different in tonality too so it’s best to check out both pedals online and see which one you like most.

Three Way Toggle Switch

SviSound OverZoid Oz02 Overdrive Pedal

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The new OverZoid Oz02 features a new three-way toggle switch on the lower left which changes the type of clipping. With the switch down you’re getting the OverZoid’s standard drive signal.  With the Switch up you’re getting a slightly higher gain type and with the switch, in the middle, it’s a lighter gain type.

The SviSound OverZoid Oz02 is full true bypass and it doesn’t have an internal battery compartment so you’ll need to power it via a regular boss style power supply.  The pedal is powered by a 9 volt power supply.


This is another wonderful overdrive pedal from SviSound.  It’s simple, it’s beautiful and it sounds great with both guitars I have tested it with so far.  It’s a point of difference from the original which I still use on my board from time to time till this day. I can’t wait to try them both in a live situation and see how they feel in a live context.  That said it sounds great in the video above and I would have no hesitations using them on my own #1 pedal board.  Mark makes a great product and a wide selection of unique looking and sounding pedals worth a look.  He’s not building clones like a huge portion of the pedal industry.  If you want something original and unique then check out SviSound you won’t be disappointed.