Tubesteader Eggnog Pedal Review – Tweed Overdrive Tones!

Tubesteader Eggnog Pedal Review

We are checking out the Tubesteader Eggnog Tweed Overdrive and Boost pedal in today’s review. This great-sounding tweed-influenced amp in a box is a tube-driven pedal made in Canada. Tubesteader is one of the premier pedal builders in Canada, and their gear is built like a tank.

Tubesteader Eggnog Pedal
Tubesteader Eggnog Pedal


Tubesteader has sent me the pedal for my review on YouTube. They had no input into my video or this review; all my thoughts about it are mine.

Tubesteader Eggnog Tones & Review Video

The Eggnog can replicate the tones of classic tweed amplifiers from the past. The tonal range ranges from Rolling Stones, Creedence, Buddy Guy, Clapton, and much more. Many tweed amplifiers have been made famous on recordings and live shows, and the Eggnog gets it right.

Check out my review video posted here on my YouTube channel.

Tweed Tube-Drive Sag

One of the characteristics of a Tube amp is the “sag.”  This sag effect is something you feel on the low end when you dig in on a note. This is often described as a soft attack due to the compression of the valves.

The Tubesteader Eggnog replicates the feel of a Tube amplifier by incorporating the touch dynamics and responsiveness of the original amps.

Is the Tube Real?

The Tube/Valve is the real deal. Tubesteader has integrated a 12AX7 into the pedal. Thanks to some internal magic, the Eggnog operates at 250v DC from a single 12v 300mA power supply. Tubesteader has provided a power supply in the box that will work in Australia, the USA, and Europe.

The Tubesteader Eggnog is loaded with a real 12AX7 Tube/Valve
The Tubesteader Eggnog is loaded with a real 12AX7 Tube/Valve.


Two-Way Versatility

The great news is that the Eggnog can be used in any amplifier’s front end or as a pre-amp pedal into your favorite cabinet sim or impulse response loader (I.R. loader). You’ll get great results with a Two-Notes IR loader or any other cab-sim.  In this video below, I am showcasing another pedal from the Tubesteader range going directly into my Tskalis Audioworks Multicab 4. (Thomann links)

Does the Pedal Get Hot?

Unlike a regular overdrive pedal, the Tubesteader Eggnog does warm up after using it for a while. As I mentioned earlier, the tube is getting some high voltage running through it, increasing the heat of the pedal. It was never “too hot,” but it was quite warm after a few hours of use.


While the Eggnog might look complicated, it’s not. The on/off switch is on the lower right, and the boost switch is on the left. So the boost can only be operated with the right switch on. The larger controls are volume (left) and drive (right).

Built into the pedal is a 3-band EQ allowing additional tone-shaping measures. The EQ is very responsive and drastically changes your amplifier’s frequency response.

A bright and normal 2-way selection switch is on the top of the pedal. Like old Tweed amplifiers with a dual normal and bright input, the Eggnog will give you a brighter or normal sound, depending on your needs.

The Boost potentiometer controls how much extra gain the boost circuit is, adding more gain and volume to the circuit and emphasizing the gain side.

Tubesteader Eggnog Control Layout
Tubesteader Eggnog Control Layout

Build Quality

Tubesteader pedals are some of the best-made pedals I have seen since starting YouTube. The chassis is solid, uses quality parts, and is hand-built in Canada. Furthermore, Tubesteader covers the 12AX7 with a thick steel bar so you don’t accidentally damage it while using the pedal.

Final Review Pros & Cons

For fans of Tweed tones, this overdrive is for you. The only thing to note is when you first plug this pedal in, you need to allow a few seconds for the tube to warm up.

Once plugged in for a few moments, the pedal will operate like any solid-state effects pedal.  Just plug it in for 15 seconds before firing it up in your signal chain.

To reiterate, the build quality and the tones are very musical if you’re looking for a Tweed-Amp in a Box overdrive sound.

Official Blurb (Tubesteader Website)

The Eggnog is a single-channel tube overdrive and preamp pedal going back to the small, yellow-patterned combination amplifiers made in Fullerton in the 1950s. Based around a 12AX7 tube running at high voltage (250VDC) to accurately capture the feel and breakup characteristics of a low-powered Tweed, the overtly-American preamp circuitry can transform any clean amplifier into a raspy box of vintage Fendery goodness.

The tube is pushed by an always-on MOSFET gain stage, giving your guitar a helping hand in nudging it towards the spongy, saggy, character we know and love in those old amps once they’re breaking a sweat. But if you’re in the mood for a little extra juice, stepping on the second footswitch activates the Boost level knob, giving you control over how hard the tube is being pushed.

The Eggnog also has ample output level on tap to feed a power section directly; bypass your amp’s front end via an FX Loop return; or give a healthy signal to any modern IR cab sims.

If you’re a fan of the Southern blues-rock of ZZ Top; the boxy, honky breakup of Joe Walsh in his prime; Keef’s raunchy rock & roll; the screaming lead tones of Mr. Bonamassa; or (at the extremes) the “excitable” low-end of Neil Young…the Eggnog will deliver those syrupy, original American tones in spades.


Tubesteader Official Specifications

Input Impedance: 1M
Output Impedance : < 10K
Vacuum tubes: 12AX7 (ECC83)
Power requirements: 12VDC / 350mA
Power connector: Barrel 2.1mm, center negative.
Enclosure: Die-cast aluminum
 Size: 4.7″ x 2.6″ x 3.15″ (121mm x 66mm x 80mm)
 Weight: 1 lb (450gr.)